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We are mariners before historically, from there on years of working on board vessels, we acquire skills , knowledge of the maritime industry. We setup a company that help and develop the marine industry providing services which a mariner could only understand. We talk their language, we are former Operation Manager, Technical Manager and QHSSE Manager. WE face every obstacle as a challenge and we deal with it tactfully.

We are comprising of local Bruneian sea farer, and we focus local content in developing our nation in the marine service industry. Our intention and vision are vast and we would love to expand more into the future , domestically and regionally or being an international player. We have our owned specialist in the marine sector, consultancy services, chartering brokering vessels, supply of marine equipment, marine service maintenance, logistics, freight forwarding and an Agency. Our very own ship management team that are experts on their fields.

We assure our clients with our proper structured management system that are from extensive experience. We focus Quality service, and meet the deliveries.


Providing Marine Services in all aspect of area locally and regionally ( Domestic and International )

Providing local support and expert management or consultancies

A One stop Marine Service Maintenance locally and regionally

Diversifying WRH group companies into other industry within the region


To acquire and provide local services , giving the necessities of our client operational requirements, building trust and transparency, due dilligence in meeting our clients demand.


Our general principle in doing business with our clients and partners are:

Honesty and Transparent

Integrity and Trustworthy

Reliable and Effective

Resourceful and Fair


Acquiring and Developing national interest in the Marine sector, providing local management and expertise consultations to our clients and partner. Meeting the Marine services demand in Brunei and regionally, giving the technology and sharing the knowledge.

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