Vessel Chartering and Brokering


Flexible shipping solutions for every industry, business, project, cargo and commodity


WRH marine has partners expertise in vessel chartering and brokerage. WRH Marine chartering personnel focus on safe, efficient, cost effective and timely service solutions in providing  vessels operation for the oil & gas industry. We also provide the same services to Non- Oil and gas industry in the maritime sector.

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Tug Boats

Tugboats_Hunte_and_Bär We have tug boats that has a bollard pull of a 70 T. We can cater all type of Operation in the Towage services.

WE are also in Partnership with a reputational TUG boat vessels that are uniquely designed and patent and can provide you the technological innovation with its modern fleet. Our tug boat ranges from 65 – 100 ton BP. Depending what you require for your operational needs.


Anchor Handling Tug

Maersk_Kleven_6vessels-atsea We also provide Anchor handling tugs that are either DP or Non DP.

Offshore services that our vessel are able to provide. You have any of the Option which is suitable to your Operations.

Fast Crew Boat 

InCat2520Crowther252070m2520C23D7C680-19906 Our Fast crew boat can cater Passengers from terminal to Offshore platforms or from any vessel to shore.

We have a number of Fast Crew boat that can be of your disposal which are in various sizes.

Pilot Boat

Westdiep_Pilot_Boat_R02 We also provide pilot boat and cater the services for its usage for pilotage in harbor and offshore.

Platform Supply Vessel

MMC887 We have PSV’s  for your Offshore services

They are in demand in the Maritime market and could supply your offshore services conveniently.

Infield Utility Vessel

Construction-of-Nordic-Maritimes-new-catamaran-vessel-beginsOur IUV’s can cater most marine activities locally and regionally.